About Us

My name is Cindy Dickerson and I am the founder of CD Beyond Bookkeeping. My husband Brian and I have a small hog and chicken farm in south east Michigan, and we are both life time Michiganians.



I graduated from Cleary College of Howell Michigan in 1999 with an Associate Degree in Accounting.

Prior to getting my Associates Degree I worked in retail for years then moved into manufacturing. The experience of working in retail and manufacturing help me understand how my clients’ businesses work day to day.

I started my bookkeeping business in 2001, I also was doing bookkeeping/office managing for businesses as an employee, gaining a lot of experience. In 2011 I realized that my knowledge and experience would be much better suited as a contract bookkeeper rather than an employee. I had been working as a bookkeeper/office manager 40 hours a week doing the books and everything from answering the phone, ringing up customers, to ordering inventory. What my employers needed was for me to be there for only a few hours a week and to hire someone for less pay to do the other tasks. That is true for most small businesses, so I reinvented my business in August 2011 to be able to provide that service to my clients.

photodune-2840237-accountants-at-work-croppedMost people go into business because they are good at, or passionate about something. But most business owners don’t like doing the books so they will do everything else first, leaving the books until tax time. I’m passionate about numbers; to me numbers tell a story. The numbers of a business are a very important tool to help every business owner run a successful business. I enjoy teaching and helping business owners, and I will do what it takes to help my clients understand their numbers and the story those numbers tell.

That is what I bring to the table, a lot of knowledge on how a business operates and knowing where the numbers need to fall in the chart of accounts to help not only at tax time, but in the day to day decision making when it comes to operating a business.

I work with my clients’ CPA or Tax person to make sure that the numbers are correct so that they can save money legally at tax time.

I invite you to contact us to set up a free consultation.